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We provide a comprehensive solution for professionals that will increase the overall capability of each officer, ensure they utilize appropriate actions in all situations, and develop their character to serve as positive examples for their department and community. 

Emergency Vehicles

professional Training

The Hero Program's Professional Training is administered through the Close Quarters Defense® (CQD) Tactical Training System. 

Professional Training is a mentor development program that is designed to increase the overall safety and awareness of each individual, refine their decision-making process under stress, enhance de-escalation skills, and develop their character to serve as a positive example for others. The training redefines their mental acuity by developing their internal ability to control emotional and physical responses. Ultimately, the dynamic and systematic approach gives the individual the ability to protect themselves and others from physical threats and develops mechanisms to achieve the optimal level of commitment and success in their personal and professional life.

Through the training and validation process, we are able to shape professionals into persons who exhibit the highest standards of technical capability, integrity and purpose, and persons who can be exciting role models for children. 

The professional component will be administered through a series of 3, 5, and 10-day courses at the CQD Training Facility. Within each of the courses, persons will be identified who best exemplify the ideals of the Hero Program. These characteristics include: integrity, job performance, demeanor, willingness to work with youth, and a commitment to uphold the highest ideals of supporting their community. In essence, they must exemplify what it means to be an “everyday hero”. 

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