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The youth component of the Hero Program is designed to engage youth in a revolutionary experience that will instill the courage and resiliency to become an “everyday hero”, one who stands up for what is right, both at school and in their personal lives. The students will gain the strength necessary to rise above life’s challenges and develop their Core Confidence through an ongoing series of authentic training events.


Recognizing that children and teens’ actual responses to stressful encounters may differ from what they are taught by parents, teachers, and other adults, CQD engages youth through discussion, exercises, and practical evolutions to develop the courage and self-confidence to make the right choice when responding to negative influences. Students are empowered to remain focused and protect themselves against peer pressure, bullying, and substance abuse.


The Hero Program ultimately provides an understanding of the challenges they will face in life, and the confidence and security to choose the right path. 

There are two primary events for youth: 


The Special Empowerment Missions enables youth to overcome the many obstacles they face daily through the development of moral courage and standing firm in their personal beliefs and accomplishments. The youth develop an appreciation for the police and an understanding of the difficulties of their job to keep them and their families safe. The events consist of discipline and self-esteem training, a confidence course that allows the youth to demonstrate their inner strength and courage, and a final mission that requires them to utilize all the skills they have learned and work together to accomplish a common objective. The Special Empowerment Missions are divided into Levels I, II, and III. 


Empowering the youth to work together to achieve something that is bigger then themselves



The Full-Circle Youth Hero events consists of courses where youth will undergo a unique and empowering experience providing them with skills to avoid danger, techniques for mitigating verbal and physical assault, anti-bullying skills, and the development of internal mechanisms to stand up for what is right. The youth participants are introduced to the selected professional heroes who will showcase various aspects of their job and assist and encourage the youth throughout their training process. This is designed to foster positive interactions between members of their community and provide an exciting role model for children. Finally, the students undergo HCP’s unique validation process, which safely recreates the encounters children may face throughout their lives. These events offer the opportunity for them to practice the skills they have learned, ensure they can utilize them under pressure, and instill the confidence that they will make correct choices. The Full-Circle Hero events are offered in Levels I, II, and III.

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